Epidemic of Tax Amnesia Sweeps U.S. Corporate Headquarters

Some of America’s biggest companies seem to be having a dreadful case of tax amnesia, forgetting how much of their success is the result of American tax dollars.  Now they seem to have misplaced a bunch of the taxes they owe in offshore accounts.  How embarrassing for them!  Luckily, we have the antidote: a healthy dose of pro-tax patriotism.

Of course, these details hardly scratch the surface, really.  After all, taxes protect these companies’ property, and keep their employees and their customers safe and healthy. There’s a reason Pfizer isn’t located in Somalia! 

All in all, these companies all owe America, and American tax dollars, an immense debt of gratitude. If only these companies could remember, we know they’d bring home every dollar right away, and be proud of the taxes they get to pay. Heck, they’d probably want to raise the tax rate, just to say thank you!  

Tax amnesia is truly a terrible disease.