Taxes Save Lives: Hurricane Sandy edition

Here are just a few of the ways your tax dollars saved lives this week.

Taxes paid for the forecasting that accurately predicted Hurricane Sandy’s path. Five days in advance, the National Hurricane Center predicted the site of landfall within thirty miles.  “This long lead time was critical for preparation efforts from the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeast and no doubt saved lives,” says the Washington Post.

Taxes pay for the Fire Department, the Coast Guard, and over 4,000 National Guardsmen on duty in New York and New Jersey alone.

Taxes pay for our emergency response system, and for the public school buildings that provide shelter to those left homeless by the storm.

Taxes pay for FEMA’s “excellent” response to the crisis, including the delivery of hundreds of thousands of gallons of drinking water to affected areas.

Tax dollars are why the New York City subway is already getting back in service.

Tax dollars are paying to extend early voting hours and deliver absentee ballots — even if that means the Board of Elections delivers them by hand.

Taxes also funded much of the science that has warned us for decades about the effects of climate change, including extreme weather. Can taxes save us from global warming? Of course they can.

Photo credits: National Weather Service,, Richard Drew/AP, Guy Cameron/Reuters, AP/Craig Ruttle, Reuters, Liz Roll/FEMA.

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