Hooray Taxes!

Taxes do great things. How often to you get to save a child, build a bridge and put out a fire at the same time?  American taxpayers do it every day. It’s like getting to be a superhero. Your taxes pay for food for poor kids, medicine for Grandma, and equipment for your local Fire Department.  Taxes keep the streets safe and the air clean.

And taxes are a bargain.  As civic responsibilities go, paying your taxes is cheap.  Some of us have contributed a lot more than just money to being an American.  It’s not like you have to liberate France, you just have to send a check.  And that check is smaller than it’s been since Harry Truman was in office.  

So if you need a pick-me-up, just remember: you get to pay taxes.  Take just one example of where that money goes: veterans’ hospitals.  These are government-run, taxpayer-funded hospitals that provide care to millions of military veterans every year.  According to veterans’ advocates, VA health care is “equivalent to, or better than, care in any private or public health-care system.” And the VA provides that care at a lower price than the private sector.  Quality, efficient health care for the people who risked their lives defending this country.  Now that is a great deal!

It’s time to show your tax pride and tax patriotism.  Be a part of I Heart Taxes.