About I Heart Taxes

  • How does my purchase benefit the U.S. Treasury? 

All merchandise is being sold at the base price set by Printfection (the company that prints and ships our merch) plus two dollars. All the money we receive from this project, we donate to the federal government.  So your purchase of a T-shirt will help fund the programs that the shirt celebrates!  Hooray!

  • How do you donate to the government?

Good question, and apparently not one that the IRS gets every day.  It turns out that you can make a donation to the Treasury Department.  So all proceeds from I Heart Taxes merchandise will go here.  

You can also contribute online to pay down the public debt.  Interest on the public debt eats about 6% of the federal budget, so every dollar you spend will help free up funds for the programs we all care about.

  • Where can I learn more about where my tax dollars go?

The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities has a great summary of federal and state spending.  For the White House perspective on the federal budget, you should check out the Office of Management and Budget.  We especially like the Department Fact Sheets.  You can also check out the Congressional Budget Office website.

  • What about government waste? 

 When surveyed, people think the government is wasting about half of their tax money.  In fact, about 7% of our tax funds are lost to waste, fraud and abuse. Of course, that figure does not include the money spent efficiently on programs you happen to disagree with. 

 How can you push money to the programs you care about?  If you want to improve how government money is spent, you will certainly not do so by whining about taxes.  Luckily, there are hundreds of people employed in Washington whose job it is to listen to you about how to spend tax dollars. Call them.  Remember, they are your representatives, they need your vote, and your tax dollars are paying their salary. 

  • Wait!  I notice that your store at Printfection only charges sales tax in Colorado!  What’s up with that?

Good point!  If you’re buying out of state and want to chip in a little extra, why not make an online contribution via Treasury Direct?